Please review our camp policies for all summer camp programs. Parents and campers must agree to all policies and requirements in order to attend camp. 

To ensure camper safety, all insulin, medications, food, and treatments will be given only as directed by Camp Hertko Hollow and Y Camp staff. Campers found to be self-administering insulin, medications, food, and treatments may be sent home.

Please read through the Camper Medical Conduct Agreement below with your camper.

• I will only take insulin, medications, food and/or treatments as directed by the Camp Hertko Hollow staff. This includes only giving a bolus with an insulin pump when directed by staff.
• If I take insulin, medications, food or treatments without Camp Hertko Hollow staff direction/approval I will meet with the Camp Hertko Hollow Directors and may be sent home.
• I consent that while my camper is at camp the team of medical directors is responsible for the adjustments in insulin carb ratios and basal patterns.
• All medications (including any over the counter medicines or medications of a “take as needed” nature) must be turned into the Camp Hertko Hollow Pharmacy Director during check-in.
• Medications are only distributed during mealtimes and bedtimes. All medications must come in their original bottles or packages. Prescription medications must contain original prescription information.
• We encourage families to include only enough medications for the week. Herbal supplements should be left home if possible.

We realize that circumstances may arise that change your plans. If a cancellation is made prior to June 1st, your payment will be refunded. No refunds will be processed after June 1st as we have reserved space and staffing for your child. Please note, the deposit of $50 is non-refundable.
Enrollment may be canceled by sending a written request for unenrollment to Please contact camp staff via email or call (515) 401-4785 as soon as possible if your child will not be attending camp, so that we can allow a camper from the waiting list to attend.

In accordance with Iowa Immunization Requirements, Camp Hertko Hollow requires every camper to have an up-to-date immunization record on file at the time of check-in. These records are required to ensure that all Camp Hertko Hollow participants are properly protected. Medical exemptions must be submitted for review by 6/1/2024. Religious exemptions are not accepted at this time and medical exemption approvals are at the discretion of the camp medical director.

In accordance with Iowa state law, Camp Hertko Hollow will not be requiring the COVID vaccine for camp programs this year. While the COVID vaccine is not required, it is still highly recommended for staff and campers prior to attending camp. COVID testing prior to camp is not required at this time but could change depending on outbreak levels of illness at the time of camp.

Camp Hertko Hollow (CHH) staff have been trained to deal with inappropriate behavior in a constructive, safe and non-degrading fashion. Campers will be held responsible for their actions in a positive manner. Camp reserves the right to send a camper home at the parent’s expense if the camper’s behavior consistently takes away from the experience of others or endangers the safety of him/her or others. A camper will immediately be sent home for incidents concerning violence or threats of violence. If any camper chooses to tease or physically confront another camper with the intent
to cause harm, the camper will be expelled from camp at the discretion of the Camp Manager. Campers will be respectful to all staff, property and materials provided by Camp Hertko Hollow. Refunds will not be provided to camp families for campers sent home due to discipline reasons. Parents are responsible for transporting campers from camp and are expected to respond in a timely fashion.

The Camp Hertko Hollow medical staff understand the benefits of the continuous glucose monitor.
Our campers are encouraged to wear theirs while at Camp Hertko Hollow, but the following rules must be followed:

1. CGM supplies will need to be brought to camp by the camper. Camp Hertko Hollow will not be responsible for sensors, transmitters, or chargers. We will have tape and skin tac available if needed.
2. The CGM will be calibrated twice a day at breakfast and dinner with a blood glucose check to ensure proper accuracy. This is mandatory to be able to wear the CGM while at Camp Hertko Hollow.
3. Sensor changes. For the experienced campers, changing sensors is the responsibility of the camper using the device. For less experienced campers and for campers new to diabetes, the camper can receive assistance in changing the sensor at the time of pump set changes.
4. Campers are allowed to have cell phones at camp as a medical device. We ask that campers have their phones set to airplane mode for the entire week of camp. They are not allowed to use the device for calls, messaging, or social media. If a camper is found to be using their cell phone inappropriately Camp Hertko Hollow reserves the right to with hold the cellular device until the end of the camp session or they will be sent home.
5. If you do not feel your child will be able to complete these tasks independently, it is recommended that your child’s sensor remain at home during camp.


For campers utilizing a Dexcom while at camp, parents will be required to provide login information to ensure accurate information to our medical team through CampViews software (electronic medical record). For campers utilizing a Dexcom, the “sharing” option must be turned off throughout the duration of camp. Failure to comply will terminate the camper’s ability to use a Dexcom device while at camp.

While at Camp Hertko Hollow, the camper’s health insurance will be the primary coverage. If we must take someone to the doctor or hospital for treatment, the healthcare facility will file a claim with the camper’s insurer. If you have concerns about insurance at camp, contact Camp Hertko Hollow to discuss further (515-471-8547).

I consent my child to be given the diet, insulin dosage, and daily blood glucose monitoring as deemed by the medical staff.
My child may be given medical care and testing that may be medically necessary while my child is a camp participant.

I consent to my child being photographed without compensation and that any such photographs or videos may be used for publicity, education, and fundraising purposes as determined by Camp Hertko Hollow, Inc.

My child has my permission to leave the campsite on occasional trips to nearby points of interest as part of the camp program under the supervision of camp staff.

I hereby agree that Camp Hertko Hollow is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items taken to camp.

In consideration of Camp Hertko Hollow, Inc. allowing my child to attend its summer camp, I hereby release Camp Hertko Hollow, Inc., all employees, volunteers, and medical staff from any and all liability arising out of and in connection with my child’s participation in camp for any reason other than negligence.

By entering my name below, I verify that the medical information provided is accurate and updated by the camper’s custodial parent/guardian.

Further, I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this waiver.

(Consent and waiver to be signed at registration.)