News from Camp Hertko Hollow

Update on 2021 Programs

Jessica Thornton - Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Traditionally Camp Hertko Hollow opens up camp registration beginning on January 1st every year. However, as we all know this year has been anything but “typical”. After meeting with our Medical Directors and Board of Directors we have decided to delay opening up our 2021 registration process. Of course, we are still hopeful that we will be able to host our camp sessions in 2021, but it is too soon to say if that will be possible due to the current state of COVID-19.

Camp Hertko Hollow’s number one priority has, and will always be, the safety of our campers and staff. Therefore, we will continue to work with our medical experts to help us determine how to best serve our campers in the coming year. We will continue to communicate with you as we gather information and get closer to a final determination about our 2021 camp sessions.

We are wishing you and your families a wonderful new year, and are very much looking forward to the day when we can sit alongside our campers next to a crackling campfire! Until then, be well and stay healthy!